How to Write an Introduction for an Assignment

Сompleting an enormous amount of assignments could get you frustrated right away. You might have all the sources ready, and an idea of what’s going into the paper body, but what’s bugging you the most is writing the introduction. You’ve already had several false starts and drafts, and now it’s your tenth attempt. You’re thinking of hitting the backspace key again. How frustrating is that?

Most students make the mistake of thinking introductions are these long and boring paragraphs at the beginning. The truth is, the assignment opening can be as short as a couple of sentences. It’s never more than 10% of the total word count of the entire paper.

How to start an assignment introduction: useful tips

  • Start with an Attention Grabber

The best way to draw your reader, and make it easier to write an introduction, is with an attention grabber.

Attention grabbers give you the leeway to explore your topic in myriads of ways. That means you have hundreds of avenues to explore when coming up with an introduction. Here are a few ways attention grabbers make writing assignments introduction easy.

  • Begin with startling information

Startling information, while piquing the interest of your readers, also doubles as great ways to write introductions. For starters, once you’ve found some startling information about your topic – it must be true and verifiable by the way – meaning you don’t have to spend loads of time trying to be creative. Just write the startling information down, connect it to the essay or research topic, and BOOM! You have a compelling entry point the audience will love.

  • Anecdote

Anecdote? Who writes a joke in an academic paper you ask. Well, as it turns out, lots of academic literature use anecdotes as openers. The anecdote needs to be short, relevant, and to the point. You can tell a short story illustrating what you’ll cover in the essay. For instance, you may tell a story of how other researchers addressed the topic. That not only makes the anecdote relevant to the rest of the essay, but you earn points for writing a semi-literature review.

  • Summary

Most folks learn early on that the summary comes at the end of a paper. That’s not always the case though. If you’re hard-pressed on how to write an introduction to an assignment, you might as well as start with a summary of the topic. Be general in the introduction, but make sure the reader immediately identifies your thesis. Each sentence should get more specific until the reader hits the thesis. Also, our essay writing service can help you with tasks.

  • Lead with a Question

Another great way of how to write an introduction for assignment, regardless of the discipline, is with a question. A question allows you to introduce the reader to your topic immediately. For instance, let’s say you’re writing about gun control laws. You might start with a question like ‘Will stricter gun laws reduce gun-related violence?’

The question is short, relevant to your topic, and above all, it introduces your reader to what you’ll cover in the paper. Leading questions give you the opportunity to explore your topic and summarize major points in the main body section making up for a solid entry point.

  • Repeat the Question

While this is not the swankiest way to start an essay, sometimes repeating the question is the only option. You can get a bit clever with this tactic and disguise what might look like laziness in your part. Try and interpret the question such that it fits into the rest of the essay.

Going with the gun laws example above, let’s say the question was ‘Will stricter gun laws reduce gun-related violence?’ You can twist this question into a fitting introduction by asking ‘Why has stricter gun laws reduced gun-related violence?’ See? You turned the initial question, turned it around a bit and formulated a fitting intro for your essay.

Make sure you answer the question in two or three sentences. Don’t go into too much detail. Remember, intro only forms 10% of the total paper. Keep your questions short, and your answers shorter.


There you have it, three sure-fire ways of how to start an assignment introduction. Armed with these tools, starting any paper should be a breeze. There are those assignments that are particularly difficult to get the right introduction. If you’re having trouble with writing an introduction or adding citations, contact us or use our Harvard referencing generator, and we’ll help you craft the best assignment introduction.

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